I love Disney

I love Disney

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Selena Gomez - Caribbean Bikini!

Selena Gomez - Caribbean Bikini!

Katy Perry - In Between // Peacock // Rock God (New Music)

I’m back with a new unreleased track by Katy Perry! No, this isn’t her new album (but Peacock is) for all those that have been expecting me to post it, but this track does sound pretty good compared to her other unreleased stuff.

This has a really edgy rock sound that I originally loved in her, so I was pretty pumped to get a hold of this!

Selena Gomez also scoops her up for a song which you also check out below.

Download:  Katy Perry - In Between

Download:  Katy Perry - Peacock

Download:  Selena Gomez feat. Katy Perry - Rock God

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Live Like Theres No Tomorrow (New Music) (Free Download)

The New And Latest Single By @selenagomez & The Scene For Selena’s New Movie Ramona And Beezus. Check it out below.

Download:Selena Gomez & The Scene - Live Like Theres No Tomorrow