Rich Boy - Resurrected In Diamonds (New Album) (XXL Interview)

In a recent interview with XXL, @_Richboy discusses his upcoming album Resurrected Diamonds and working with his long-time collaborator Polow Da Don & Dr. Dre. So can we expect an album soon since you’ve had some downtime?

Rich Boy: Yeah, I’m on the way to the second album of my career. I’ve just been up here workin’ with Polow, and workin’ with Dr. Dre… Been workin’ with all kinds of people, but those are the main two people that I’ve just been seein’ on a day-to-day note tryin’ to put it together. Polow’s the executive producer of the second [album]. Is there a name for the album yet?

Rich Boy: It’s called Resurrected in Diamonds cause it’s like you know, Africans were rich in Africa. They had diamonds, gold, and all that shit, so we lost the ball when we were put into slavery. But now you see niggas gettin’ it back, like diamonds and shit rollin’ wit they crew. So you’re trying to reach out into your heritage for this album?

Rich Boy: I named my album Resurrected in Diamonds because like in Alabama, niggas are the last ones to kinda get the ball. We just need to reawaken ourselves and you know, pick up and handle business as men and get some of this money out here. I need to see more Black billionaires. I’m not racist or anything; I just feel like a Black man just need to get a billion… That’s why I named it that and that’s why I talk about flashy shit ‘cause a nigga needs some nice shit… It’s just getting the ball back. You might lose it, but you’ll get it back you know.

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