How could this happen to me?

> I was waiting for someone to pick it up.

> I totally thought it was a boot until like the last 3 seconds.

> Some people say it’s still going in circles this very day.




Cartman Sings Drake


Feel like arguing? Here’s a Number you can call

> Why would I pay for this when I’m already paying for Xbox live. Pop in COD and get to work.


My friend scared trick-or-treaters from his porch on Halloween and filmed it on a GoPro. But he never intended this.

> Chasing after the kids with outstretched arms probably isn’t the best way to calm them down.

> You can hear his heart beat rise from 96 to 168 bpm.

> Candy, candy, chips, chips, chips. Fantastic.

> I want to know what kind of jokes Uncle Pete plays on this family.

> These kids knew how to get every last one of those chip bags.

> Probably didn’t help when the mother yells, “OH MY GOD, HE’S REAL!”.

> "Remember how uncle Pete jokes around?" Every family has an uncle Pete


Coolest thing I’ve never understood.


How to scare wake your friend! 🎶🔥


Raccoon eating grapes using his stupid little hands. Very satisfying to watch.

> I think we are overlooking a very serious part of this video. This Raccoon is sitting inside of a house, at a table, in a chair.

> I got really sad when he ran out of grapes.




> And his stupid mouth. Motherf_____ forgot how to chew….

> "Stupid little hands" made me laugh really hard.


Took the kids to a local farm, this sheep could use a throat lozenge.

> …or an exorcism.

> That sounded like ice cubes in a blender on low.

> metal.

> This would make a great “try not to laugh at this” exercise…


I made my 22 mo old daughter an LED light suit costume. Looks hilarious!

> This might just be the coolest baby costume in the entire world.

> Her voice and movement remind me of Boo from Monsters Inc.

> You should probably let her run loose in all the dark areas of your neighborhood on Halloween night.

> Sweet, I can’t wait to show my 421 month old girlfriend this!