Playing drinking Jenga last night.


Husky prefers freedom.

> That dog is beautiful.

> Huskies and their separation anxiety.

> Would’ve been amazing if the owner said “let’s go for a walk” and the dog got up and ran around.

> Damn I want a dog.


What if Google was a guy

> Wow this is actually really good. Thank you.


Remote controlled devil baby with on the streets of NYC.

> Ha, the lady at the end just puts a towel over its head. shhh demon baby….

> If done at night pants will be shat.

> Gotta love the cleaner guy who gives zero f**** about the demon baby.

> My favorite part is the black guy that yells “Why would they do this?”

> This gets so f******* good at the end when it starts spitting.

> That’s f******* awesome, I don’t even care that it’s an ad for a movie I’ll never watch and already forgot the title of.


Cat fails in an icy jump

> That guy laughed in the same exact way I did. It was weird.

> You know what, ya gotta give the cat credit. He looked like he was pretty sure he wouldn’t make it, but he tried anyway. That’s courage.

Also, I’m happy to see a video like this that doesn’t have “SAIL” dubbed over it.


The real way to deal with slow walkers

> I fear that where i live that would just get you stabbed.


So ehh, yeah. 3D printed salsa dancing tarantula…

> This is far too adorable. Spiders shouldn’t be this adorable.


Dog imitating siren

> I shouldn’t have played this. My dogs are freaking the f*** out right now.


I think my dog siren is defective…

> AARWOO-I can’t do this s***.

> This is too cute. I would love to know what’s going through a dog’s head when they howl.

> What a dog, 10/10.


Stray cat attacks woman in the snow

> The dog didn’t even bark. Just looked back like “You’re getting this, right? This is nuts!”

> The dog at the end is like, ”well ‘aint that some s***!”

> Daaaaamn that little cat took a grown woman to the ground!