Cats that won’t let dogs pass by

> “When you’re not home the cat does things to me… unspeakable things…”

> I love the pacing corgi, trying to pump himself up.

> This is proof cats are massive d——. They know exactly whats going on and inside they are pissing themselves.

> its pretty obvious why they are scared. the cat tries to scratch the dog everytime. i wouldnt want to walk by if it meant getting clawed every time i did it.


Reese Witherspoon teleported during the Independent Spirit Awards last night.

> The best bit has to be the look of surprise on her face, even though she announced it seconds earlier.

> How did the show’s director not catch that?

> What an amazing time to be alive.


A Husky + Head Massager = Pure Happiness

> My dog would run under the bed if I showed this to him. He gets scared of food if it is shown to him too fast.

> how to turn off a dog

> “WTF is that thing? Get it away from me, what are you doing… OHHHHH GOOOOODDD thats soooooo gooood.”

I feel it

> i was so afraid for the dogs eyes in the first seconds…


Just goats having fun balancing on a flexible steel ribbon

> I just wanted the big goat to get on it so bad by the end.

> I really wish the video had the audio.

I just imagine a bunch of bah’ing punctuated by the ‘BOING’ of the steel.

> Goats are becoming the new Dog and Cat. Can only imagine walking into someones house, then getting blasted in the nads by their house goat.

> I could watch hours of this, you should put up a live streaming website of just this.

> Kids these days

> The game King of the Hill must be programmed deep into goat instincts.

As a kid, I had a neighbor with a pet goat. If you stood on top of anything it would try to ram you off and get on top of the thing.


Dog not allowed on the bed - Hidden camera captures his defiance

> good thing they hid the camera

> Cat just wants him to chill the f- out.

> Well, when you play that music, what else is he supposed to do?

> Cat: “This f- better not come near me…”

> I imagine the owner just parked their whole car with dash cam in the room to capture this.

> and kitty is allowed on the bed ?

i am sick of this double standards

> i like how he stops and stares directly at the camera like “yeah, i’m on the bed. what are you going to do about it?”


This kid feels the music.

> Wow that was surreal, it’s like there’s an adult in a child’s body, her movements are so confident!

> It’s kind of creepy to watch such a young human performing like an adult.

> Her movements were so fluid it got borderline creepy


"MORE NFL" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

> That voice for Harbaugh is just perfect.


Playing drinking Jenga last night.


Husky prefers freedom.

> That dog is beautiful.

> Huskies and their separation anxiety.

> Would’ve been amazing if the owner said “let’s go for a walk” and the dog got up and ran around.

> Damn I want a dog.


What if Google was a guy

> Wow this is actually really good. Thank you.