Well that escalated quickly

> Best use of the phrase I’ve ever seen.

> The scream at the end made the video.

> Its so much funnier because they were angry.


Speed test comparison between all iPhones ever made

> I knew the 4 took forever to boot up and it wasn’t just my phone.

> Can someone make a gif of him unlocking all those iPhones with one swipe?

> so many fingers….

> The way he unlocked all the phones with one swipe is freaking awesome.

> 2G sems pretty happy toward the end of the video:



How I cook my fries.


Drunk fan enjoying the Stanford-Washington St. game in the rain

> This guy really is a hero, in a way. It’s raining, no one else is around him, his team was probably losing. And he’s just chillin’ like a villain. No f-. It’s inspiring, really. I love it when people do this kind of thing.

> I lost it when he brought his head back up at the end.

> The commentators made this especially funny.

> If anybody wants to know exactly what not giving a f- looks like.


The best thing to come to Vine. This guy has 4 children and wears a batman mask. They call him…BatDad

> The funniest part is that the kid’s have almost no reaction to him doing this.

> Ben needs to get his s- together…

> BatDad’s ability to sneak up and frame those shots without them ever being the wiser is his true special ability.

> JEN!!!!…why…did you send me…divorce papers?

> His wife looks terribly embarrassed. That’s the kind of embarrassed look that I want frequenting the face of my future wife.

> This is one of those things that these kids will fully appreciate when they’re older



Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake show you how hashtags sound in real life

> When hashtags first started coming around I was like ah crap is this really going to be a thing. I really had no idea how bad it would get.


Husky goes crazy in pile of autumn leaves

> I would like to be that happy.

> 0:24, when he jumps then just stops and all you can see is his head.


Have you guys ever seen kinetic sand?

> I want to eat it.

> Something about that was so satisfying…

> Why does it need to be gluten free? WHY DOES IT NEED TO BE GLUTEN FREE!?!?!?



Tipping Servers $200

> See? money can buy happiness.


The love child of MacGyver and Bob Vila.